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Why Donate Real Estate

Have you received an inheritance from a relative and are unsure how to handle it? Maybe you own an estate that urgently needs funds for maintenance and repairs.

Perhaps you purchased land with hopes of its value increasing, only to encounter fluctuating market prices and unexpected costs. Are you struggling to manage an old facility that brings more headaches than profit? Or do you own farmland without the knowledge or means to cultivate it?

Owning a property can be appealing, but it also has significant responsibilities. Maintaining real estate requires budgeting for upkeep, paying taxes, and covering various expenses, such as real estate tax or capital gains tax, which can sometimes add to a substantial financial burden.

If the expenses become unmanageable, consider an alternative solution – donating your real estate to a charitable cause – to make a difference in the lives of Americans in need. Your donation can help struggling breast cancer patients access life-saving medical treatment and support veterans dealing with homelessness, unemployment, disability, and mental health issues.

Your Benefits As A Donor

Donating a property you no longer need — your childhood home, vacant land, or an unwanted commercial building — can hugely benefit you. How so? Read on to explore the benefits below.

Significant Tax Deduction

You can receive a substantial tax deduction based on the appraised value of your real estate property donation, leading to significant tax savings. 

Skip The Hassles of Selling

Selling can be time-consuming and stressful, often involving upgrades, repairs, negotiations, and marketing. Donating eliminates these challenges, making it a convenient exit strategy. 

No Capital Gains Tax

You typically have to pay a capital gains tax on your profits when selling. However, by donating, you can avoid this capital gains tax.

Personal Fulfillment & Lasting Legacy

Feel personally rewarded knowing your donation is a legacy of compassion and support – that it will continue to touch lives for years, leaving a lasting impact on our communities. 

Freedom From Property Responsibilities

Donating saves you from ongoing maintenance and repair costs, property taxes, insurance, and other related expenses – amounting to thousands of dollars annually.

Support Our Troops & The Fight Against Cancer

Your donation can fund initiatives like healthcare and employment opportunities for our veterans or initiatives like breast cancer treatments and the research for a cure.


Ready to Make a Difference and Reap Those Rewards?

Donating real estate to charity is not only an incredibly selfless act, but also a strategic move with many benefits.

If you’re thinking of parting ways with your house, farmland, or any property you no longer find useful, why not give it the most meaningful send-off by donating it? By doing so, you will spare yourself from the stresses of selling, enjoy some huge tax benefits, free yourself from burdensome responsibilities, and, most importantly, make a massive impact on the lives of our neighbors in need.

Together, we can create a brighter future for our communities. Take the first step by filling out our easy online form here or by giving us a call at (866) 912-0707.


Last Updated: December 20th, 2023